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By-Elections 1996 – Official Voting Results and Candidates' Contributions and Expenses


Abbreviations of political affiliations
Abol. Abolitionist Party of Canada
B.Q. Bloc Québécois
C.P. Canada Party
C.H.P. Christian Heritage Party of Canada
G.P. The Green Party of Canada
Ind. Independent
Lib. Liberal Party of Canada
N.L.P. Natural Law Party of Canada
N.D.P. New Democratic Party
NIL No affiliation
P.C. Progressive Conservative Party of Canada
R.P. Reform Party of Canada

Electors on the lists

Figures pertaining to the number of electors on the lists for the seven 1996 by-elections include registered electors appearing on the final list of electors as established under section 71.32 of the Canada Elections Act, that is, after polling day. These lists thus include electors who were registered during enumeration or during the revision period; electors who registered on polling day; Canadian Forces electors registered in the seven electoral districts; as well as inmates and Canadian electors temporarily residing abroad whose last residential address was in one of the seven electoral districts.

Voting under the Special Voting Rules

The Special Voting Rules allow voting by special ballot, by mail or in person at the office of the returning officer. Two groups of electors may use this method. The first group consists of classes of electors whose names appear on separate lists, namely, Canadian electors temporarily residing outside Canada, Canadian Forces electors, and incarcerated electors. The second group consists of resident Canadians whose names appear on the polling division lists of electors, but who register to vote by special ballot because they will be unable to vote at an advance poll or on polling day.

Rounding of figures

Because the figures given in the tables in this report were rounded, there may be some discrepancies in the totals.

Unpaid claims

Unpaid election expenses declared by candidates in their election expenses returns are not included in the totals in Tables 8 and 9 or in the tables presented by electoral district in Section II of this report.

Appointment of auditor

The Act requires that the auditor appointed by a candidate must be a member in good standing of a corporation, an association or an institute of professional accountants. Included in this definition are offices in which all the associates meet this criterion.

Audit of returns

The figures presented in the tables that relate to the contributions and election expenses of candidates reflect the data available to Elections Canada on November 1, 1996. As of this date, not all the candidates' returns used to prepare those tables had been audited by the Election Financing Directorate of Elections Canada.

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