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Report on the October 24, 2016, By-election in Medicine Hat–Cardston–Warner


Appendix A – Recommendations

Further to audit of the 2015 general election, we provided three primary recommendations. While some of those recommendations are still relevant, the recommendation below is in relation to the audit pertaining to this by-election only. It is suggested that the recommendation be fully evaluated and if a decision is made to proceed, it should be tested fully before full implementation.

Recommendation 1

We recommend that the CEO consider further enhancements to the existing training program to ensure that the necessary focus/time is given to the administration of the special procedures, specifically:

  1. Revisit the training curriculum (agenda) to improve the timing and delivery of technical content as it relates to the administration of special procedures.
  2. Ensure trained CPSs are in attendance at all DRO/PC and REGO/Information Officer training sessions to serve as facilitators to coach and guide participants in the conduct of mock electoral duties and functions, to observe the participants in the conduct of their tasks during their practice sessions and to provide support to the training officer and RO for assessing the competence of recruits.
EC response

In September 2016, the Chief Electoral Officer made several recommendations to Parliament on possible amendments to the Canada Elections Act that would allow, amongst other things, to simplify existing processes and improve compliance with special procedures. The review of these recommendations by Parliament is currently ongoing. Elections Canada is also studying different models to improve procedures at the polls, including the automation of certain elements of the electoral process. We will be reviewing and updating our training to reflect any changes made to the Canada Elections Act in that regard. In the meantime, we will take into account the recommendations made by PwC regarding training and ensure that Central Poll Supervisors (CPSs) be in attendance at all DRO/PC and REGO/Information Officer training sessions.