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Analysis of Financial Trends of Regulated Federal Political Entities, 20002014

Appendix A: About the Data

All dollars are inflation-adjusted to the year 2014. The factors used to convert to 2014 constant dollars are shown below.

Exception: Figure 4 – Number of Contributors and Contribution Dollars by Range for All Regulated Federal Political Entities, 2000–2014 is an exception. The amounts for each contribution range are in nominal dollars. This figure also includes the number of contributors per year. These numbers are based on estimates.

Year Inflation Rate
2000 31.2%
2001 28.0%
2002 25.2%
2003 21.8%
2004 19.6%
2005 17.0%
2006 14.8%
2007 12.3%
2008 9.7%
2009 9.4%
2010 7.5%
2011 4.4%
2012 2.9%
2013 2.0%

Data in this report is confined to parties, EDAs, candidates and leadership contestants that have registered with Elections Canada. Data relating to nomination contestants are for those contestants who are identified as such in the submitted nomination contest reports of registered parties and EDAs. The report excludes the contributions and expenses of registered third party advertisers.

All figures that provide monetary amounts are denominated in millions of dollars to one decimal place. As a result, data points less than $50,000 will be seen as $0 in this report.

Due to the timing of publication, this report was finalized before some EDAs had filed their 2014 annual financial transactions return. The report therefore contains data from 98% of all EDA returns for 2014.