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2017–18 Departmental Plan

Operating Context: Conditions Affecting Our Work

This fiscal year falls approximately halfway through a four-year electoral cycle. With another fixed election date set for October 21, 2019, the agency has the opportunity to move forward with its plans to improve and modernize the electoral process before returning to general election readiness. Elections Canada's primary operational requirement during the reporting period is to deliver any by-elections that may be called.

At the same time, the government has introduced legislation to bring about changes to the conduct of elections and may be considering further changes. Parliament is also reviewing the Chief Electoral Officer's recommendations report tabled in September 2016. Elections Canada needs to be prepared to quickly realign its plans and priorities with a range of potential changes to the electoral legislation.

Elections Canada is also preparing to transition to the leadership of a new Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) following the retirement of the former CEO, Marc Mayrand, in December 2016.