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2013-2014 Estimates – Report on Plans and Priorities

New Legislation

Bills Before Parliament with an Impact on Our Business

Bill C-21 (Political Loans Accountability Act) was introduced in the House of Commons on November 2, 2011. It would amend the Canada Elections Act to enact rules concerning loans, guarantees and suretyships with respect to registered parties, registered associations, candidates, leadership contestants and nomination contestants. It has now received second reading and been referred to committee for study.

There are also four private members' bills that propose amendments to the Canada Elections Act: one dealing with voting age (Bill C-368), two with voting hours (Bill C-355 and Bill C-450) and a fourth with preventing fraudulent voice messages during an election period (Bill C-453). One private member's bill would amend the Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act to ensure that Northern Ontario maintains a minimum of 10 electoral districts (C-396). Three others propose changes to the names of electoral districts.