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June 4, 2014 – Allowing Returning Officers to Delay the Mailing of Voter Information Cards to Voters in Ontario By-elections

June 30, 2014 By-elections
in the Electoral Districts of

Scarborough–Agincourt (Ontario)
Trinity–Spadina (Ontario)

Adaptation of the Canada Elections Act
Pursuant to Subsection 17(1) of that Act
For The Purpose Of Allowing Returning Officers To Delay
The Mailing Of Voter Information Cards To Voters In
Ontario By-Elections

Whereas by-elections were called on May 11, 2014 in the electoral districts of Scarborough–Agincourt (Ontario) and Trinity–Spadina (Ontario) with polling day on June 30, 2014;

Whereas an Ontario provincial election will be held with a polling day of June 12, 2014;

Whereas in accordance with subsection 95(1) of the Canada Elections Act ("the Act"), notices of confirmation of registration ("Voter Information Cards") must be sent not later than the 24th day before polling day, or June 6, 2014;

Whereas Voter Information Cards contain information as to where and when to vote at the federal election, which will be different from where and when to vote at the provincial election;

Whereas the Chief Electoral Officer wants to avoid Ontario voters being confused by having federal Voter Information Cards arrive so soon before the provincial polling day;

Whereas mailing the Voter Information Cards to Ontario voters after the provincial election would eliminate such confusion;

And whereas subsection 17(1) of the Act provides the following:

17. (1) During an election period or within 30 days after it, if an emergency, an unusual or unforeseen circumstance or an error makes it necessary, the Chief Electoral Officer may adapt any provision of this Act and, in particular, may extend the time for doing any act, subject to subsection (2), or may increase the number of election officers or polling stations.

Therefore, pursuant to subsection 17(1) of the Act, the Chief Electoral Officer hereby adapts the Canada Elections Act as follows for the purpose of allowing Returning Officers to mail Voter Information Cards to Ontario voters after polling day for the Ontario provincial election:

1. Subsection 95(1) of the Act is adapted by changing the words "24th day before polling day" and replacing them with "17th day before polling day" so that the provision reads "Each returning officer shall, as soon as possible after the issue of a writ but not later than the 17th day before polling day, send a notice of confirmation of registration to every elector whose name appears on the preliminary list of electors..."

June 4, 2014

Marc Mayrand
Chief Electoral Officer of Canada