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FAQs on the June 18, 2018, Federal By-election

There will be a federal by-election in the electoral district of Chicoutimi–Le Fjord (Quebec) on Monday, June 18, 2018.

Who is eligible to vote in a federal by-election?

You can vote in a federal by-election if you:

  • are a Canadian citizen
  • are at least 18 years old on election day, Monday, June 18
  • have been a resident* of the electoral district of Chicoutimi–Le Fjord since May 16 or earlier
  • can prove your identity and address

Not sure if this is your electoral district (riding)? Click here to find out.

*If you're a Canadian living abroad, incarcerated or a Canadian Forces elector, your Canadian address for voting purposes must be in the electoral district where the by-election is taking place.

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Am I registered to vote in a federal by-election?

Check online to see if you're registered to vote in the federal by-election.

If you can't check online, call us to ask if you're registered.

Registered voters should get a voter information card in the mail by May 29 at the address we have on file for them. The card confirms that you are registered and tells you when and where to vote.

Most eligible voters are already registered in the National Register of Electors, the permanent database of Canadians qualified to vote in federal elections and by-elections.

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How do I register or update my registration in the federal by-election?

You can register or update your registration at your polling place just before you vote, on Monday, June 18.

  • For faster service at your polling place, print yourself a registration certificate using the Online Voter Registration Service. Bring the printout with you when you vote.
    • This registration certificate is not required for you to register at the polls and is not offered in all cases. It is offered to those who are not registered or whose registration is not up-to-date, and whose polling division (area of the riding) can be identified based on their address.
    • If you print a registration certificate, sign it only at your polling place in front of the poll worker who is processing your registration.
  • Find the address and hours of your polling place.
  • Bring accepted ID to register and vote.

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