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What is my electoral district?

Canada is divided into 338 electoral districts. One representative, or member of Parliament (MP), is elected for each electoral district.

Each electoral district has a returning officer, who opens an office when an electoral event is called. The returning officer is responsible for organizing and administering federal elections and referendums within that electoral district.

You can find the name of your riding on this site by going to the Voter Information Service (type your postal code or search another way).

How many electoral districts are there in Canada?

There are 338 electoral districts in Canada.

How do I make a complaint?

Information on how to make a complaint is now on the 2015 federal election site.

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Do you have material for schools?

Yes, Elections Canada offers two election simulation kits for schools. They provide a realistic experience of voting, based on actual federal election procedures.

The kit Canada at the Polls! is intended for Grades 5 and up. Choosing our Mascot is for younger children, kindergarten to Grade 4. Both are available on this Web site.

How do I order school materials?

You may order school materials:

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