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Civic Education


Get the latest news and great teaching ideas on democratic and civic education. 

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Are you looking for lesson plans and resources to teach about democracy, elections, voting, government and citizenship?

Do you want to conduct an election simulation in your classroom?

Are you looking for a way to make the upcoming federal election relevant to students?

Elections Canada offers educational resources that are:

Elections Canada resources:


Have an assignment from your social studies or civics class but not sure where to find information?

Our website has all kinds of sources for your class projects on democracy, elections and voting.


Have your kids brought a social studies or civics assignment home and asked you for help?

Our website is the authoritative source for information on Canadian democracy, elections, voting and citizenship.

Youth-serving organizations

Are you looking for youth programming and resources focused on democratic and civic leadership and engagement?

You will find programming ideas and hands-on resources that get young Canadians aware, informed and engaged in civic and democratic education.