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Get the latest news and great teaching ideas on democratic and civic education. 

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Classroom Resources

Elections Canada's civic education lesson plans and resources can help you teach about democracy, elections, voting, government and citizenship in the classroom.

Educators play an important role in engaging students on the electoral process. In fact, children who learn about government and politics are more likely to vote when they are old enough. Voting is habit-forming, so those students are also likely to be lifelong voters!

Our election simulation kits–Choosing Our Mascot and Canada at the Polls!–can help you prepare future engaged citizens through hands-on, authentic activities.

Elections Canada's resources:

These resources can also be used in homeschool classes, youth groups, after-school programs and more.

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Background Resources

This page provides links to background information, facts and figures, research and more to better understand the electoral process and help students find information for their next social studies assignment.

Helpful Links

Browse a list of organizations that promote awareness and understanding of Canada's electoral process, civic engagement and active citizenship.