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Background Resources


Get the latest news and great teaching ideas on democratic and civic education. 

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Are you or your students looking for more information on how democracy, elections and voting work in Canada? We have you covered with a wide range of background resources.

Electoral System of Canada

This e-booklet outlines the basis of democracy in Canada, the federal election process and the role of Elections Canada in administering elections and referendums.

Political parties

Find the list of political parties for federal elections and links to their websites here.

Ridings and members of Parliament

Use the Voter Information Service to find your current riding and member of Parliament, and to find your riding for the 2015 federal election.

Becoming a candidate

Learn the initial steps that Canadian citizens aged 18 and over need to take to become a candidate in a federal election.


The Inspire Democracy initiative is a repository of current and recent research on civic education and youth democratic participation. It can add detail to your lesson plans or help students with assignments.

Facts and figures

Introduce some interesting trivia and historical tidbits about democracy, elections and voting in Canada in your classroom.


Do you have questions about how elections and voting work in Canada? Have a look at our frequently asked questions for some answers.

Youth organizations

Consult our list of youth organizations. They offer a variety of ways for your students to engage as active citizens and various civic engagement programs.