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Choosing Our Mascot



Explain to the group that they will conduct an ELECTION to choose a mascot. They will have the opportunity to VOTE IN SECRET for the candidate of their choice, either Charlie the Raven, Desneiges the Polar Bear, Max the Walrus, Neevee the Caribou or Sam the Grey Wolf.

Guide the children in discovering the basic principles of a real election:


While the election campaign is meant to introduce the five candidates to the children, it must help build their enthusiasm, arouse their curiosity and, above all, be fun. This kit contains a poster for each candidate and a copy of each candidate's campaign speech. Five children may wave the posters while you or five participants read the speeches. Have the group listen to and participate in the short animated campaign songs of the candidates. The words of these songs and accompanying gestures are also included. To be effective, this role-playing activity must involve all the children.

When the five speeches and songs are over, explain that the campaign is now over and that the group must now remain quiet until the end of voting. Children may work on their activity booklets while waiting to vote or after they vote.