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We would appreciate your help in improving this election simulation kit. Please answer the following questions and return the form to us.

Write to:

Policy, Planning and Public Affairs
Outreach Directorate
Elections Canada
257 Slater Street
Ottawa, ON
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1. Did you conduct this election simulation as (circle the answer that best corresponds to your situation):

2. On average, how old were the participants in the group?

3. In general, which did you use?

4. Did you find that the simulation was easy to adapt to the needs and maturity of your group?

5. Did you find that the members of your group enjoyed the activity?

6. Is there anything the group obviously did not enjoy in the election simulation?

7. Do you think the simulation helped the members of your group to understand the following concepts?


8. Do you think that the following Northern Canadian characteristics of the kit add educational value?


9. Using a scale ranging from 1, meaning poor, to 5, meaning excellent, please rate the following material included in the package:


10.   If you have any comments or suggestions pertaining to the kit, please note them here:

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If you would like additional information,
or if you have questions,
please provide your name and address.


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