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Chief Electoral Officer (CEO): The non-partisan* officer of Parliament who directs and supervises elections and referendums.

Deputy returning officer (DRO): An official who is in charge of the polling station on election day. The DRO initials the ballot, checks the elector's identification and gives a ballot to the elector. The DRO is the only person allowed to touch the ballots. He or she is the one who counts the ballots and reports the results to the returning officer.

Poll clerk: An official who assists the deputy returning officer at the polling station. This official refers to the voters list and checks off electors as they arrive at the polling station to vote. The poll clerk also helps the DRO to count the ballots.

Polling station: The place where electors vote — it may be located in a school, church, community centre, etc.

Rejected ballot: A ballot found in the ballot box that cannot be counted because it is marked incorrectly — that is, there is more than one mark on the ballot or the mark may identify the voter.

Returning officer (RO): An official who is responsible for the overall conduct of an election in an electoral district. The RO reports the election results to the Chief Electoral Officer by signing and returning the writ.

Spoiled ballot: A ballot marked incorrectly which the voter returned to the DRO to get another one. The DRO marks "spoiled" on it, puts it aside and gives a new ballot to the voter.

Tally sheet: The sheet used by the poll clerk to count the votes each candidate obtains at an election.

Voters list: A list of persons eligible to vote.

Writ of election: An official document sent to each returning officer by the Chief Electoral Officer, requiring that an election be held. The writ must be returned after the election to the Chief Electoral Officer to announce the results. A candidate cannot be sworn in and sit in Parliament until this document is returned to the CEO.

* Non-partisan means does not support or favour a party; does not take sides.