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Choosing Our Mascot

Inukshuks, similar to the one on the front cover, have been used as landmarks by nomadic Inuit for over ten thousand years. The stone structures played an important role in the Inuit peoples' struggle for survival. Today Inukshuks can be seen on the horizon in many regions across the Northwest Territories, still being used to help Inuit mark their way




The purpose of this election simulation is to introduce children in kindergarten to grade 4 classes and in youth groups to the basic principles of a real election. The participants have the opportunity to choose a mascot who will best represent the spirit of their group. To do so, they are asked to vote by secret ballot for one of the five candidates (Charlie the Raven, Desneiges the Polar Bear, Max the Walrus, Neevee the Caribou and Sam the Grey Wolf).


It is expected that participants will learn to use the most basic terminology associated with elections, as well as develop the elementary skill of marking a ballot properly.


The activity lasts an average of 45 to 55 minutes. However, teachers/leaders who would like a longer session may expand on the election campaign.


Every member of the group is a voter. Several children are called upon during the election to carry out various tasks. The idea is to involve as many people as possible to maintain interest.

The simulation Choosing Our Mascot suits children aged 5 to 10. However, since the level of maturity of participants may vary from one group to another, this kit was designed to indicate the level of complexity of each step. You may adapt the simulation to your group by keeping only the elements which you judge will suit your children.


smiley face If one smiling face precedes a section, it suits grade 2 or 3 classes, or younger groups considered above average.

smiley face smiley face If two smiling faces precede a section, it suits grade 3 or 4 classes, or younger groups considered gifted.

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