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Choosing Our Mascot



image of a bulletin box and ballot papersOnce every elector has voted, the votes are counted using the following procedure.

  1. One person is called forward to open the sealed ballot box and empty its contents on the table.

    smiley facesmiley face If someone is playing the role of DRO, it is the DRO who opens the ballot box and empties it.

  2. Send five children to the blackboard to keep score, one for each candidate. In the absence of a blackboard, use a piece of cardboard or anything large enough so that everybody can see what is on it.

    smiley facesmiley face If someone plays the role of poll clerk, the poll clerk will, instead, use the tally sheet provided to add up the votes.

  3. One person is requested to unfold the marked ballots, show each one to the group, and call out the name of the candidate for whom it is marked. A ballot paper is rejected if it is marked improperly (see "Samples of marked ballot papers" and consult the Glossary for the definition of rejected ballot).

    smiley facesmiley face If children play the role of DRO and poll clerk, then it is the DRO who unfolds the ballots, shows each one to the group and to the poll clerk. The poll clerk checks the square on the tally sheet under the corresponding candidate. The DRO must make a separate pile of ballot papers for each candidate. At the end of the counting, the DRO must verify if the number of votes written on the tally sheet by the poll clerk corresponds to the actual number of ballot papers.

  4. The DRO and the poll clerk must fill in the Return of the Writ. If you have followed the basic simulation, fill it in yourself and explain to the group what you are doing.

  5. The teacher/leader of the group acts as the returning officer (RO). As the RO, announce the name of the elected mascot and fill in the provided certificate. This certificate may be posted in the room.

    Important: Avoid the use of such terms as winner and losers.