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Choosing Our Mascot


Getting Ready


All the materials required for the simulation are provided by Elections Canada, with the exception of a CD player, as follows:


Make a voters list. It may simply be the class or group list.

Photocopy and cut the number of ballot papers required for your group. You should prepare an extra 10 percent in case there are spoiled ballots. Photocopy an equal number of activity booklets.

Note: You may tell the group that, in a real election, the names of the candidates are printed on the ballot paper in alphabetical order, by family name, so no candidate is privileged over another. There are no photographs of the candidates.

Create two distinct areas in the room. The electoral campaign will take place in the first area, while the election itself will be conducted in the second. Ensure that no partisan material enters the voting area.

Put up the candidates' posters in the campaign area. Ensure equal visibility for each candidate.

Set up the polling station in the voting area according to the diagram provided. This includes making up the ballot box without sealing it and leaving the top open until it has been shown as empty. Leave a pencil behind the voting screen.

The group leader/teacher playing the role of returning officer should explain the non-partisan aspect of that role.

Have the students make up their own piece of identification showing their name and grade/class number.