IMIE - International Mission for Iraqi Elections
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The International Mission for Iraqi Elections (IMIE) was established at the Iraq Election Monitoring Forum, held in Ottawa on December 18–20, 2004. Comprised mainly of independent electoral management bodies, the IMIE focused on the election process in Iraq as well as the registration and voting process outside Iraq. The mission was led by a steering committee composed of members of independent election commissions and electoral experts from around the world. Elections Canada established a secretariat for the mission, and assessment reports were produced on the January 30, 2005, Transitional National Assembly and governorate elections; the October 15, 2005, Constitutional Referendum; and the December 15, 2005, Council of Representative elections. Nine reports and several press releases were issued in English, Arabic and Kurdish. The reports drew on in-depth expert assessments of 10 aspects of the electoral events, based on international standards. The publication, in April 2006, of the IMIE's final reports on the Iraqi legislative elections marked the conclusion of the mission.


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