Annex F – Voter Registration Process on Polling Day

Annex F is a process flowchart that visually describes the full range of possible scenarios that poll workers may face on polling day when determining whether electors are eligible to vote within their polling division and what actions to take. The scenarios in the flowchart are as follows

  1. Determine if the voter is registered
    1. Determine whether the voter is already registered on a list within this polling location.
    2. If so, proceed to the ballot issuing process, including requiring the voter to prove identity and address.
  2. Corrections and changes to data
    1. If the elector is already registered on a list within this polling location but the information on the list is incorrect (for example a typo or a change of legal name), update the elector's data.
  3. Redirections
    1. If the elector cannot be found on a list within this polling location, consider whether they are at the correct location.
    2. If the voter is not at the correct polling location, redirect to the correct polling location.
  4. New registrations
    1. If the voter cannot be found on a list at this polling location and is at the correct location then register the voter using a 'registration certificate'.
    2. New registrations include both voters who have never registered before and voters who are currently registered but have moved into the area and have not updated information on the register.

The flowchart is included in this report to demonstrate that knowing how to determine and deal with voters in the wrong place, with corrections to data, with changes of address, with other changes to information and with new registrants is complex.