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Historical 301 Electoral Districts Database

This is the database for the former 301 electoral districts. To access the database for the current 308 electoral districts, please click here.
  Trinity--Spadina Ontario

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Past Results
Results from previous elections for this electoral district:
  * The number of registered electors does not reflect the removal of duplicates from the final list of electors.

Electoral district results
37th general election
November 27, 2000
Electoral district No. 35091
Number of polls: 204
Voter turnout:
42,341 of 73,147 registered electors* (57.88 %)
Valid ballots: 42,117
Rejected ballots: 224
Total ballots cast: 42,341
Jesse Benjamin  Communist Party of Canada    90  0.21
Ashley Deans  Natural Law Party of Canada    98  0.23
Matthew Hammond  The Green Party of Canada    562  1.33
Tony Ianno  Liberal Party of Canada    20,032  47.56
Paul Lewin  Marijuana Party    673  1.59
Nick Lin  Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada    102  0.24
Lee Monaco  Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance    2,250  5.34
John E. Polko  Progressive Conservative Party of Canada    2,309  5.48
Michael Valpy  New Democratic Party    16,001  37.99
Total number of votes:42,117  
Official voting results

Electoral district results
36th general election
June 2, 1997
Electoral district No. 35091
Number of polls: 196
Voter turnout:
40,624 of 60,583 registered electors* (67.06 %)
Valid ballots: 40,214
Rejected ballots: 410
Total ballots cast: 40,624
Thomas P. Beckerle  Canadian Action Party    130  0.32
J.-P. Bedard  Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada    140  0.35
Olivia Chow  New Democratic Party    16,413  40.81
Ashley Deans  Natural Law Party of Canada    194  0.48
Tony Ianno  Liberal Party of Canada    18,215  45.30
Sat Singh Khalsa  The Green Party of Canada    392  0.97
Danielle Wai Mascall  Progressive Conservative Party of Canada    2,793  6.95
Roberto Verdecchia  Independent    129  0.32
John Roderick Wilson  No Affiliation    159  0.40
Nolan Young  Reform Party of Canada    1,649  4.10
Total number of votes:40,214  
Official voting results