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Historical 301 Electoral Districts Database

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  York North Ontario

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Past Results
Results from previous elections for this electoral district:
  * The number of registered electors does not reflect the removal of duplicates from the final list of electors.

Electoral district results
37th general election
November 27, 2000
York North
Electoral district No. 35101
Number of polls: 237
Voter turnout:
48,958 of 85,329 registered electors* (57.38 %)
Valid ballots: 48,745
Rejected ballots: 213
Total ballots cast: 48,958
Ian Knight  No Affiliation    509  1.04
Karen Kraft Sloan  Liberal Party of Canada    22,665  46.49
Ian Scott  New Democratic Party    1,696  3.47
Joe Wamback  Progressive Conservative Party of Canada    11,890  24.39
Bob Yaciuk  Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance    11,985  24.58
Total number of votes:48,745  
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Electoral district results
36th general election
June 2, 1997
York North
Electoral district No. 35101
Number of polls: 231
Voter turnout:
50,918 of 77,315 registered electors* (65.86 %)
Valid ballots: 50,697
Rejected ballots: 221
Total ballots cast: 50,918
John Cole  Progressive Conservative Party of Canada    11,308  22.31
Laurie Cooke  New Democratic Party    1,996  3.94
Ian Knight  Christian Heritage Party of Canada    799  1.58
Karen Kraft Sloan  Liberal Party of Canada    22,942  45.25
Shauneen Mackay  Reform Party of Canada    13,245  26.13
JeweEl McKenzie  Canadian Action Party    220  0.43
Mary Wan  Natural Law Party of Canada    187  0.37
Total number of votes:50,697  
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