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Ottawa Centre (Ontario)

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Boundaries description

Consisting of that part of the City of Ottawa described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the interprovincial boundary between Ontario and Quebec with a line running 45°00'W from the mouth of the Rideau Canal; thence S45°00'E along said line to the mouth of the Rideau Canal; thence generally southeasterly along said canal to the northeasterly production of Frank Street; thence northeasterly along said production to the intersection of Greenfield Avenue with Nicholas Street; thence southeasterly along Nicholas Street to Highway No. 417; thence easterly along said highway to the Rideau River; thence generally southerly along said river to the easterly production of Borden Side Road; thence westerly along said production to Prince of Wales Drive; thence southerly along said drive to Fisher Avenue; thence northwesterly along said avenue to Baseline Road; thence southwesterly along said road to Merivale Road; thence northerly along said road to Carling Avenue; thence southwesterly along said avenue to Highway No. 417; thence southwesterly along said highway to Maitland Avenue; thence generally northwesterly along said avenue, Sherbourne Road and its northwesterly production to Richmond Road; thence N30°00'W in a straight line to the interprovincial boundary between Ontario and Quebec; thence northeasterly along said boundary to the point of commencement.