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List of candidates

Toronto Centre (Ontario)

By-Election (Monday, October 26, 2020)

This list of confirmed candidates was issued on Wednesday, October 7, 2020.

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Candidates in your electoral district
Candidate name Status Party name Office phone number Candidate's website * Name of official agent Name of auditor
Baljit Bawa Confirmed People's Party of Canada (416) 613-2292 Website Percy Dastur
Dwayne Cappelletti Confirmed Free Party Canada (514) 983-2857 Website Manon Girard Chantal Famelart
Brian Chang Confirmed New Democratic Party (647) 557-6435 Website Lester Brown Gail Bergman
Kevin Clarke Confirmed Independent (647) 745-2768 Website Greta McDonald
Marci Ien Confirmed Liberal Party of Canada (647) 696-1882 Website David Pretlove Harry Mortimer
Keith Komar Confirmed Libertarian Party of Canada David Alexander Thomson
Annamie Paul Confirmed Green Party of Canada (833) 266-2643 Website Melanie Duhamel Stacey Campbell
Benjamin Gauri Sharma Confirmed Conservative Party of Canada Zakyr Rhemtulla Wei Hua
Above Znoneofthe Confirmed No Affiliation (416) 821-0319 Website Kathleen Vezina

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