The Electoral Cycle

This illustration is titled "The Electoral Cycle." It has two components. The first is a circular diagram under the heading "The Electoral Cycle." It shows three successive periods: electoral period, post-electoral period and pre-electoral period.

In the electoral period are three events: the electoral campaign (lasting a minimum of 36 days), followed by the election, followed by results.

In the post-electoral period are the following events:

In the pre-electoral period, the sole event is planning.

The second component of this illustration is a chart under the heading "The Electoral Calendar." It shows key operational requirements and activities for each period of the electoral calendar, as follows.

During the pre-electoral period:

During the electoral period, in the electoral campaign phase:

During the electoral period, in the election phase:

During the electoral period, in the results phase:

During the post-electoral period:

During the period between elections:

Finally, the following activities span all periods, including the period between elections: