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Advisory Committee of Political Parties – Meeting Summary – June 13 and 14, 2019

5. Operations at the Polls — 43rd GE

Presenter: Dawn Borutskie (Associate Director, Voting and Results Services)

Ms. Borutskie provided an overview of changes and strategy for managing polls and to facilitate the hiring of election workers. Ms. Borutskie discussed new flexibility in staffing for the upcoming election. Specifically, there are now more staffing options for returning officers. For advance polls, for example, ROs can hire two teams to cover the four-day period, and a supervisor can act as the DRO or poll clerk when necessary or to give breaks.

Ms. Borutskie also discussed changes to the process of verifying an elector’s identity and address. The list of documents to prove a voter’s identity and address now includes the voter information card (VIC). However, the VIC can only be used to prove address and must be used in combination with another piece of identification that proves identity. In regards to vouching, both a voter’s name and address may be vouched for in person at an RO office and at the polling station.

Other updates included services to persons with disabilities. Also, members of the Canadian Armed Forces will now be able to vote using any of the options available to the public (military polls will still be available).

EC then answered questions from parties on pay rates and non-partisanship of workers. There were also questions on voting options for students, vouching, distribution of the lists of electors and bingo sheets.