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Meeting Summary – Annual General Meeting – June 19 and 20, 2017

Appendix B: Meeting Participants

Political Party Representatives

Animal Protection Party of Canada

Stephen Best

Liz White

Christian Heritage Party of Canada

Rod Taylor

Peter Vogel

Communist Party of Canada

Elizabeth Rowley

Andrew Garvie

Conservative Party of Canada

Greg Labuschagne

Dustin Van Vugt

Green Party of Canada

Nick Carter

Marlene Wells

Liberal Party of Canada

John Arnold

Azam Ishmael

Braeden Caley

Marijuana Party

John Akpata

Talis Brauns

Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada

Anna Di Carlo

Louis Lang

National Advancement Party of Canada

Stephen Garvey

Pirate Party of Canada

Travis McCrea

Bailey Lamon

Progressive Canadian Party

Al Gullon

Rhinoceros Party

Jean-Patrick Berthiaume

Pascal Gélinas