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Meeting Summary – Annual General Meeting – June 19 and 20, 2017

Political Entities Service Centre

Denis Bazinet, Director, Electoral Operations Planning & Administration, presented the Political Entities Service Centre, an online portal where political entities can access electoral services and information from anywhere at any time. This initiative aims to respond to service delivery issues and barriers experienced during the last election, enhance service accessibility and address the needs of political entities through transactional and informational services.

An initial offering of products and services will be available in November 2018. This may include secure and timely access to communications from EC, training materials, the annual list of electors, candidate nominations and political financing return submissions. Due to security or product development issues, some features may be available online only after the 2019 general election. Future development of the tool would include more enhancements to political financing services and more self-service options to obtain the list of electors, bingo sheets, guidance materials and training materials. Mr. Bazinet added that EC will continue to consult political entities in the lead-up to the project launch to determine their needs and ensure that products and services are relevant and easy to use.

Round Table Discussion

ACPP members appreciated the innovative approach to services for political entities. Members particularly liked the e-nomination process, which would allow candidates and teams to complete, save and submit their nomination candidacy online, make timely and interactive updates and corrections, sign and upload forms, receive instant notifications and reminders, and ultimately make processes more efficient.