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Meeting Summary – Annual General Meeting – June 19 and 20, 2017

Electronic Financial Return Modernization

Mr. Merrett also provided upcoming modernization initiatives for the EFR system. EFR is a software program used to report financial information. It allows political entities to record financial transactions, creates financial returns based on information entered, and generates receipts for contributions. However, there are limitations to the current EFR system. It was developed in 2003, with design limitations that make maintenance labour-intensive and costly. There is also a lack of interoperability across operating systems, and manual paper-based submissions of signed financial returns are still required.

EC intends to replace EFR with EFR-Online before the next general election. The new system will simplify data capture and reporting, work across operating systems and devices, and include a complete electronic filing solution. EC is currently articulating and defining business needs and requirements, researching available solutions and outlining a strategic direction. EC will engage with political entities and other stakeholders to better understand their needs and expectations.