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Office of the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada: Info Source

How to Read Info Source

Info Source has two subsections under "Institutional Programs and Activities": "Institution-Specific Content" and "Internal Services." "Institution- Specific Content" is organized according to the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer's programs and activities, as documented in its most recent Departmental Plan, which is used to announce priorities, strategic outcomes, programs, expected results, and planned resource requirements over a three-year period beginning with the year indicated in the title of the report. Defined below are the components of these subsections that describe the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer's information holdings. The bracketed abbreviations are used consistently throughout the document to help situate each section.

Program (P)

A program is a group of related activities that the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer manages to fulfill specific areas of its mandate and meet a specific public need.

Activity (A)

An activity is an action or set of actions undertaken by the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer while delivering its programs and services, including internal services. Multiple activities may be undertaken within a single program.

Class of Records (COR)

Each class of records gives a description of all records and information created, captured and maintained by the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer as evidence of the administration of a particular institutional program or activity. It is these records that are subject to requests under the Access to Information Act. If these records contain personal information, then the class of records must have a related personal information bank.

Personal Information Bank (PIB)

A personal information bank describes the personal information that Office of the Chief Electoral Officer uses for administrative purposes or in support of specific programs or activities. The information contained in a personal information bank is protected under the Privacy Act unless another statutory authority expressly allows its disclosure. The personal information is organized and retrievable by name or by a unique identifier, such as an assigned number. Each personal information bank is associated with one or more classes of records.