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Elections Canada: Information about Programs and Information Holdings (Info Source)

How to Read Info Source

Info Source is organized according to Elections Canada's Program Alignment Architecture (PAA), which encompasses all of the organization's activities. Defined below are the components of the PAA, as well as the components of Info Source that describe Elections Canada's information holdings. The bracketed abbreviations are used consistently throughout Info Source to help situate each section within the PAA.

Program (P)

A program is a group of related resource inputs and activities that Elections Canada directs to fulfill specific areas of its mandate. Budgetary resources are allocated at the program level.

Sub-program (SP)

Each program is further divided into sub-programs. At Elections Canada, it is the sub-program level that is accountable for the records found in its classes of records.

Class of Records (COR)

Each class of records gives a description of the records created, collected and maintained by Elections Canada as evidence of and information about a particular institutional program or activity. It is these records that are subject to requests under the Access to Information Act. If these records contain personal information, the class of records must have a related personal information bank.

Personal Information Bank (PIB)

A personal information bank describes the personal information that Elections Canada uses for administrative purposes or in support of specific programs or activities. The information contained in a personal information bank is protected under the Privacy Act unless another statutory authority expressly allows its disclosure. The personal information is organized and retrievable by name or by a unique identifier, such as an assigned number. Each personal information bank is associated with one or more classes of records.