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Elections Canada: Information about Programs and Information Holdings (Info Source)

Electoral Engagement (P)

This program promotes and sustains the Canadian electoral process. It provides Canadians with electoral education and information activities so that they can make informed decisions about their engagement in the electoral process. It also aims to improve the electoral framework by consulting and sharing electoral practices with other stakeholders. This program includes two sub-programs: Civic Education and Outreach; and Electoral Development.

Civic Education and Outreach (SP)

Within this sub-program, Elections Canada uses various media and partnerships to inform and educate electors in general, as well as specific groups, about federal electoral events and the federal electoral framework so that, among other things, they are aware of their right to vote, voting rules and voting procedures. This sub-program aims to provide Canadians, particularly those groups most likely to experience difficulties in exercising their democratic right to vote, with knowledge of the electoral process so that they can become engaged in it and in other initiatives relevant to them. This sub-program strives to ensure that Canadians are informed about the electoral process and how they can participate in federal electoral events.

Targeted Groups (COR)

Description: Records consist of information related to the planning and implementation of outreach strategies and the communication of information to Canadian citizens about their voting rights and how to exercise them. These records include promotional material related to public relations and educational activities in various formats (information kits, print, electronic and video). They aim at the implementation of outreach initiatives to targeted groups, including Aboriginal people, ethnocultural communities, youth, seniors, electors who are homeless and persons with disabilities. They also include information related to the meetings and activities of the Advisory Committee of Political Parties, chaired by the Chief Electoral Officer and the Advisory Group for Disability Issues, chaired by the Senior Director of Integrated Services, Policy and Public Affairs.

Document Types: Correspondence, reports, statistics, quantitative and qualitative data, surveys, memoranda of understanding, letters of agreement, contracts, statements of work, proposals, evaluation criteria, minutes of meetings, mailing and distribution lists.

Record Number: Elections 4220

Electoral Development (SP)

This sub-program provides Canadians with an evolving electoral process that meets their needs by conducting appropriate research on electoral matters and sharing expertise with other electoral bodies, domestically and abroad, to modernize the electoral process. Within this sub-program, Elections Canada also provides parliamentarians, through various committees and official reports, with technical expertise and recommendations in support of initiatives to review and revise electoral legislation.

Policy and Research (COR)

Description: Records consist of information related to the coordination of the agency's policy function, including parliamentary affairs and the Chief Electoral Officer's appearances before committees of Parliament; research and policy analysis for the preparation of the Chief Electoral Officer's reports, including his recommendations in support of initiatives to review electoral legislation; the provision of technical support to parliamentary committees and answers to parliamentarians' questions on electoral matters; the coordination of corporate research, including the Corporate Research Committee; the planning and conduct of research on policy and electoral issues; the planning and conduct of post-electoral event surveys with various stakeholders, including electors, candidates, and election officers; partnerships led by Elections Canada with the academic and research communities; the dissemination of research findings through workshops, seminars and Elections Canada's website.

Document Types: Correspondence, reports, policy analysis, statistics, quantitative and qualitative data, questionnaires, surveys, speeches and statements, communication plans, publications, work plans, questions and answers, issue sheets, agreements, contracts, statements of work, proposals, evaluation criteria, minutes of meetings, mailing and distribution lists, contact information.

Record Number: Elections 4230

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