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Cost to implement proposed changes in Bill C-19CEO Appearance on Bill C-19, An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act (COVID-19 response)

Fact Sheet

Key Messages

  • The preliminary cost of Bill C-19 is projected at $76M.
  • Bill C-19 would bring the total projected cost of the 44th General Election (GE) to $687M, a 12% increase from the estimate without C-19 of $611M.


GE44 Total Forecast ($M)
GE43 Estimated Cost $501.2
Length Reduction
(40-Day to 36-Day Calendar, 18-month to 12-month Readiness)
Pandemic Measures
(PPE, Vote by Mail, Voter Information Campaign, etc.)
Service Improvements in the Field 1
(No. of positions, hours & polls, Leases, Inflation, EBP)
Tariff of Fees 2021 (incl. Overtime) $28.9
ECHQ Delivery $10.4
Spring 2021 GE44 Total $610.6
Preliminary Projected Cost of Bill C-19 $76.2
GE44 with C-19 2 $686.8

1 Also included in this item are costs for other changes to field operations related to the pandemic such as increasing workers' capacity (other than in the Returning Officer's Service Centre) and office footprint.

2 The cost of Bill C-19, as tabled in Parliament, includes the cost reduction of merging some 30% of ordinary polls, due to the anticipated lack of polling locations availability over a 3-day voting period.