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Cost for pandemic measuresCEO Appearance on Bill C-19, An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act (COVID-19 response)

Fact Sheet

Key Messages

  • A general election will cost significantly more during a pandemic. Costs will also depend on the timing of the election and the nature of any legislative changes adopted.
  • The costs for the primary safety measures such as personal protective equipment, vote by mail services and voter information campaign are estimated at $50M (excluding Bill C-19 measures).
  • The costs for other changes to field operations such as to increase some workers' capacity and office footprint, are not included in this estimate.


Items (Qty) High Level Estimate
Physical Barriers for Voting (125,000) $3.3
Masks (18.5 million) $3.1
Headsets (11,000) $1.4
Face shields (411,000) $0.6
Gloves (4.1 million) $0.5
Bottle of 160 Wipes (40,000) $0.4
Pencils (16 million regular, 4 million large) $0.4
Transparent Face Masks (290,000) $0.3
PPE Preparing and Shipping $3.9
Material $14.1
Extra hours and workers at RO's Service Centres $15.7
Mail-out of ballot kits and pre-paid returns (5.5 million) $10.6
IT Adaptive Measures (incl. EFOS - RO Office computers) $2.9
Envelopes $1.1
Special Ballot Vote by Mail Services $30.2
Voter Information Campaign $4.0
Voter Information Cards (contingency postage) $1.0
Other IT Adaptive Measures $0.9
Total to Date $50.2