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Electoral Integrity Framework

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An accessible electoral process is inclusive and meets the needs of Canadians so that they can exercise their democratic rights to vote and be a candidate, equitably and without undue barriers or interference.

  • All Canadians have reliable information about the electoral process
  • All electors can safely vote with dignity and independence
  • Canadians can exercise their right to be a candidate
  • The electoral process is inclusive


Fair electoral administration means that regulated political entities are – and are perceived to be – treated equitably and impartially, and can compete on a level playing field.

  • Elections Canada remains impartial and non-partisan
  • Political entities are treated equitably and compete on a level playing field


Independence means the electoral process is administered without undue influence from the government or partisan entities and interests.

  • While Parliament sets legislation, Elections Canada remains independent due in part to its statutory funding authority


A reliable electoral administration is one where activities are carried out predictably and consistently, election officials and staff act professionally and comply with the law, and elections are delivered according to sound management principles.

  • Accurate and timely electoral results are delivered to Canadians
  • The personal information of Canadians is safeguarded
  • Canadians are informed about the electoral process and trust the results


A secure electoral process is designed and administered to protect it against persons or entities who would attempt to interfere with its processes, people, assets or data. There are safeguards to prevent, detect, mitigate and penalize election offences and other interference.

  • Each elector has one vote
  • The ballot is secret
  • Threats to electoral integrity are monitored and addressed
  • Technology is used responsibly


A transparent electoral process is administered in a manner such that it is observable, features oversight and is described in detail publicly.

  • The electoral process is observable
  • Canadians are given the information they need to assess the integrity of the electoral process