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Accessible Voting – Video

Accessible Voting (in American Sign Language)


NARRATOR (voice over):

There's a federal election coming up. Elections Canada is committed to ensuring that voting is accessible to all eligible Canadians.

You can choose from one of four ways to vote.  You can vote at your polling place on election day, on one of four advance voting days, at any local Elections Canada office, or by mail. 

Voting takes place in more than 20,000 polling places across Canada.

Our goal is for these locations to meet all of our accessibility criteria; however, this is not always possible.

Your voter information card will give you information about the accessibility of your polling place.

You can also get this information at or by calling us.

Be sure to check that your polling place meets your needs.

If it doesn't, please call us and we will assist you in making other arrangements.

When you arrive at your polling place, it will have an automatic door opener, or an election worker will be there to provide assistance. Please let this person know how they can help.

Once inside, we offer a number of tools and services to make voting more accessible:

Large-print lists of candidates

Voting screens that let in plenty of light

Lighted magnifiers that make the ballot look four times bigger

Braille lists of candidates on election day, and

Tactile and Braille templates that fit on top of a ballot

If you require language or sign language interpretation at the polling place, you will need to request it from us at least four days in advance. You can make your request online, by phone or by TTY.

When you go to vote, a support person can help you mark your ballot. This person will be required to take an oath to respect the secrecy of your vote.

If a support person is not with you, and you would like help, a deputy returning officer may assist you to mark your ballot. This will be witnessed by a poll clerk.

We would like to hear about your voting experience. You can complete a feedback form online or at your polling place, speak to an election worker, or call us.

Elections Canada is committed to inclusive, universal and flexible services that respond to the needs of all voters.

We have information about the voting process in many languages and formats, including large print, Braille, audio and sign language video.

For more information on accessible voting, visit or call 1-800-463-6868.