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Elections Canada – Voter Registration

election / Monday, October 21


Transcript: Elections Canada - Voter Registration

super: The federal election is this fall.

visual: Black screen with text fades into a scene where a young family is rushing out the door. Cut to two elderly men and a young woman standing at a bus stop.

super: Have your say.

visual: Black screen with text fades into a scene where a group of young people raise a glass and cheer. Cut to a young man moving a couch up stairs. Cut to the same young man sitting on the couch and opening his laptop computer.

super: Make sure you're registered.

visual: A man opens a mailbox to find two voter information cards, he looks at them. Cut to a woman looking at her voter information card beside her mailbox. Cut to the entrance of an Elections Canada polling station, where there are yellow signs showing where to vote. Two people enter the building. Cut to a man in a wheelchair smiling at a woman beside him as they head to their polling station in the building. A poll worker opens the door to welcome them.

super: and vote.

visual: A montage of people from previous scenes smiling.

super: X It's Our Vote

Elections Canada logo 1‑800‑463‑6868 TTY 1‑800‑361‑8935

visual: Fade to black. A large X appears with the campaign tagline "It's Our Vote". The tagline fades while the X flies off to settle into the X in the Elections Canada logo which appears on screen. The URL fades on screen, followed by the toll-free number 1-800-463-6868 and the TTY number 1-800-361-8935.