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Voting at an Elections Canada office

election / Monday, October 21


Transcript: Voting at an Elections Canada office

visual: Federal Election | Monday, October 21 appears. Fade to black.

narrator (voice over): The federal election is Monday, October 21. If you think you'll be away or busy on election day, you can register and vote in advance at any Elections Canada office.

super: Voting at an Elections Canada office

visual: Title + Elections Canada logo.

narrator: More than 500 offices across Canada are now open 7 days a week.

visual: Title card fades. Elections Canada office building appears.

super: Elections Canada offices are now open

visual: Elections Canada office building morphs into an iconographic laptop displaying the URL on the screen.

narrator: Visit to find the one near you. Voting at an Elections Canada office is different than voting on election day or advance polling days.

super: Visit to find the one nearest you

visual: Building disappears as the words "Special ballot process" appear followed by folded ballot.

narrator: Here, you will vote using the special ballot process.

super: Special ballot process

visual: Title and folded ballot disappear. An enveloped marked only with an X transitions in.

narrator: After you mark your ballot, you will place it in an unmarked envelope. This is so your vote can't be traced back to you.

super: Place ballot in an unmarked envelope

visual: Unmarked envelope moves to right of screen. A second envelope with an unsigned declaration on the front appears. The unmarked envelope slides into the second envelope.

narrator: Then, you'll place the unmarked envelope in a second envelope which has a declaration on it.

super: Place in the unmarked envelope in a second envelope.

visual: Envelope with declaration on it moves to top of screen, ballot box with X on the front, appears.

narrator: You will sign the declaration and place that envelope in the ballot box.

super: Place envelope in the ballot box

visual: The screen changes to a colour background with text.

narrator: Visit for the official information you need to vote.

super: Get the official information you need to vote

narrator: Or call 1-800-463-6868. TTY 1-800-361-8935.

visual: Fade to black. A large X appears with the campaign tagline "It's Our Vote". The tagline fades while the X flies off to settle into the X in the Elections Canada logo which appears on screen. The URL appears on screen, followed by the toll-free number 1-800-463-6868 and the TTY number 1-800-361-8935.

super: X It's Our Vote

Elections Canada logo 1-800-463-6868 TTY 1-800-361-8935