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What to expect when you go to vote – ASL

election / Monday, October 21


Transcript: What to expect when you go to vote - ASL

Federal Election | Monday, October 21

What to expect when you go to vote.

When you arrive, an election worker will greet you and show you to the right table.

Make sure you bring accepted ID. The election workers at the table will ask you to prove your identity and address.

They will then check your name on the list of electors and give you a folded ballot.

You will go behind the voting screen, mark your ballot and refold it to keep it secret. You will return your ballot to the election worker.

An election worker will remove the tab so your ballot can't be traced back to you.

The election worker will return the ballot to you and you will put it in the ballot box.

Remember: Election workers are there to help you. If you need anything to make your voting experience easier, just ask. For example, you:

  • Can let an election worker know that you requested language interpretation or sign language interpretation ahead of time
  • Or you can request one of the many voting assistance tools and services available.

If you need help marking your ballot or if you've brought someone to assist you, let an election worker know. Get the official information you need to vote

"It's Our Vote"
TTY 1-800-361-8935

TTY 1-800-361-8935