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Final Election Expenses Limits for Registered Political Parties44th General Election – September 20, 2021

For each registered party, their election expenses limit is calculated as the product of:

  • $0.735 multiplied by the number of names on the preliminary lists of electors for electoral districts in which the registered party has endorsed a candidate or by the number of names on the revised lists of electors for those electoral districts, whichever is greater, and
  • 1.502, the inflation adjustment factor in effect for the election.
Name of Party Election Expenses Limit ($)
Animal Protection Party of Canada 939,524.82
Bloc Québécois 7,162,417.17
Canada's Fourth Front 192,967.33
Canadian Nationalist Party 72,353.09
Centrist Party of Canada 316,919.98
Christian Heritage Party of Canada 2,295,986.03
Communist Party of Canada 2,296,606.45
Conservative Party of Canada 30,043,902.14
Free Party Canada 5,533,662.86
Green Party of Canada 22,659,866.36
Liberal Party of Canada 30,127,504.71
Libertarian Party of Canada 1,183,770.47
Marijuana Party 862,139.85
Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada 3,251,194.95
Maverick Party 2,523,782.50
National Citizens Alliance of Canada 394,094.10
New Democratic Party 30,127,504.71
Parti Patriote 192,945.25
Parti pour l'Indépendance du Québec 1,000,247.60
Parti Rhinocéros Party 2,547,571.95
People's Party of Canada 27,957,508.17
Veterans Coalition Party of Canada 682,139.76