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Automation coordinator

Position description

Key activities

  • Manage all returning office technology and systems, from installation when the office opens at the beginning of the event to the decommissioning of the office at the end of the event
  • Support the use of technology and systems by all staff in the returning office
  • Following set procedures in REVISE, the software application used to complete revision tasks in the local EC office, and other applications, complete tasks related to lists of electors, Voter Information Card (VIC) production and Electoral District data, and produce statutory and administrative reports
  • Encourage and support Information Technology security best practices throughout the returning office



  • Providing technical support services to internal or external clients
  • Using a variety of software applications, especially Windows-based computer applications
  • Setting up, monitoring and maintenance of a local area network
  • Installation of software or applications
  • Working without close supervision
  • Extensive use of various technology, including computers, printers and phones


  • Organizational skills to effectively plan time and estimate workload requirements to complete tasks according to guidelines and statutory deadlines; to prioritize competing demands; to track hours worked; and budget their time accordingly
  • Analytical skills to understand the substance of tasks and determine how best to complete them; to understand complex issues; to establish the relevance of issues, information and inquiries and to exercise sound judgement in seeking and implementing solutions; to carefully consider which resources to rely on to resolve a given challenge; and to identify potential problems and deal with them proactively
  • Communication skills to listen carefully to fellow staff when they need help with hardware or software; to effectively discuss issues with colleagues and provide appropriate responses; to clearly convey challenging technical information; to deal cordially and calmly with the Field Support Network

Personal suitability

  • Exercises patience to work methodically through required procedures as instructed in the documentation provided; to deal calmly with things that do not go entirely as expected; and to keep trying even if a task is challenging
  • Remains impartial in every way during an electoral event
  • Maintains a professional, tactful demeanour, and exercises good judgment
  • Demonstrates respect for the required procedures and deadlines, and takes direction when it is offered
  • Works effectively in a team but also demonstrates leadership, including by modelling appropriate IT usage
  • Works conscientiously and efficiently
  • Remains calm and effective under pressure
  • Remains flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances


  • Must pass a security screening, consisting of both criminal record and credit checks (administered by EC before the training)