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FAQs on poll worker payment

How much will I get paid for my work?

Pay rates for all federal election workers are set by the Federal Election Fees Tariff.

I worked at an advance/election day poll. When will I get paid?

We are committed to making sure election workers are paid in a timely manner. Nearly all workers who worked at an advance poll or an election day poll can expect to be paid within eight weeks of election day.  Any worker with questions can reach out to Elections Canada's Payment Inquiry Line at 1-800-823-8488.

I signed up for direct deposit. Will I get paid faster?

Our standard is to pay all election workers within six to eight weeks following election day.

I think my pay is incorrect. What should I do?

For any questions about your pay, please call Elections Canada’s Payment Inquiry Line at 1-800-823-8488.

Pay rates for all federal election workers are set by the Federal Election Fees Tariff.

Will I get a tax slip for my work (Record of Employment, T4, Relevé 1)?

If you were assigned to an office staff position or worked 35 hours or more as a poll official, you will receive a Record of Employment.

We will issue a T4 slip in February to election workers as a statement of earnings, if they meet the criteria set by the Canada Revenue Agency. We will also issue a Relevé 1 slip in February to all election workers who worked in the province of Quebec as a statement of earnings.

I was an election worker and have questions about my pay or tax documents. Where can I get answers?

Learn about election workers' pay and tax documents

For questions about your pay or when you will receive your tax forms, call Elections Canada's Payment Inquiry Line at 1-800-823-8488.

For questions about taxes, including how the tax slips issued by Elections Canada affect your tax filings, you may wish to contact Canada Revenue Agency's individual tax enquiries line at 1-800-959-8281.

Why does my pay stub contain a void cheque image?

All election workers receive a pay stub. There are details about your pay in the top portion of your pay stub and a void cheque image in the bottom portion. If you don't have direct deposit, you will receive your cheque separately.

Cheques are mailed the week before the pay stub is mailed. However, due to mailing delays, some cheques may be delivered after the pay stub.

Why can't I see my training pay?

Workers are paid for training at the hourly rate of the position for which they trained. Training pay will appear on your pay stub under "Fees."

I asked to be paid by direct deposit. How will I know when I've been paid?

Your bank statement will show that you have received a payment from the "Government of Canada."