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Central Poll Supervisor Guidebook


Support DROs and Poll Clerks during the count

You may need to manage tired election officers and impatient candidates' representatives. During the count, make sure that:

  • only the DRO or election officers are handling the ballots
  • objections to ballots are written on page 12 of Events Log EC 50060

DRO and PC will call you when they have completed the Statement of the Vote. Make sure that:

  • all boxes are filled out correctly
  • numbers in box D and Voted on List box match
  • numbers in box G and Total Ballots Supplied box match

Note if numbers don't match, help the DRO and PC try to find the error
or a reason for the mismatch.

If still unresolved, and after counting ballots a 2nd time, tell the DRO to make a note on the SOV, and on Log of notable events - Events Log (page 8) EC 50060

Call in the results

When the Statement of the Vote is completed

  • use the pink copy to call the results into the office. Return the pink copy to the DRO
  • make sure that representatives are offered a Copy of Results for Candidates EC 50110
  • tell the DRO and Poll Clerk to proceed with the Returning Material section in their guidebook

Then follow the instructions for Final checks of the polling place at night