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Deputy Returning Officer & Poll Clerk Guidebook–Advance Poll – Election Night


This section explains how to pack up your materials at the end of the day. You will end up with a Transport Bag containing the official voting documents, ballots etc., and a second Transport Bag with extra supplies and items not needed again.


  • The CPS Spot Check shows when to call your CPS before doing the next steps. Do not move forward without review from your CPS

How do I organize and return my material?

Before you organize your material, you must have completed the steps for:

How do I complete Statement of the Vote?

  1. Once CPS has reported the results to the office, do the following to Statement of the Vote EC 50100:

    Seperate the white, yellow amd pink copies
    Text version of "Seperate the white, yellow amd pink copies"

  2. Use Official Seal EC 50180 to seal the rest of the following full and completed items:

    >Official Seal EC 50180
    Text version of "Official Seal EC 50180"

  3. Empty Advance Poll Bag EC 50480.

  4. Put the following used or completed items on top of Advance Poll Bag EC 50480. Leave it open:

    Advance Poll Bag EC 50480
    Text version of "Advance Poll Bag EC 50480"

    Hand Stop Icon


    Spot Check 11

  5. Have the CPS check the items, then put them into Advance Poll Bag EC 50480.

  6. Peel the strip off the back of Advance Poll Bag EC 50480 and close it.
    Use Official Seal EC 50180 to seal the bag. Sign the seal and set the bag aside.

    Initialed Official Seal
    Text version of "Initialed Official Seal"

  7. Set aside the following seals for later:

    Various seal sample
    Text version of "Various seal sample"

  8. Record the Long Ballot Box Seal EC 50200 number on Seal Control Sheet EC 50205.

    Seal Control Sheet
    Text version of "Seal Control Sheet"

  9. Put the following inside Ballot Box EC 50250:

    inside Ballot Box EC 50250
    Text version of "inside Ballot Box EC 50250"

  10. Seal Ballot Box EC 50250 (using the seals you set aside in step 7).

    using the seals you set aside in step 7
    Text version of "using the seals you set aside in step 7"

  11. Put the following items, previously set aside, inside one Transport Bag EC 50253:

    Transpot bag
    Text version of "Transport bag"

  12. Throw away the used Floor Marking Strip EC 50163 and any other garbage such as the backing sheet of used seals.

  13. Put all remaining items inside a second Transport Bag EC 50253.

    Second transport bag
    Text version of "Second transport bag"

  14. Give both transport bags to CPS who will take them to the office. See the CPS to complete Time sheet for the Election Worker EC 11655 before you leave.