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Information Officer Guidebook

Getting Ready

This section tells you how to get ready before voting days and when you arrive at the voting place.


  • Notes have been added throughout the book to provide further context to instructions. If you need, feel free to add your own, as well
  • Polling places may be hot or cold, be prepared for both
  • You will set up your own station. The CPS will need your help to get the polling place ready too. You might help the CPS:
    • set up the tables and chairs and organize the room
    • put up posters and signs
    • do site checklists

Get ready the night before

  1. IO: If you are unable to work, call the office
  2. IO: Check that you know where the polling place is located
  3. IO: Review Have your ID Ready to Vote EC 90189
  4. IO: Prepare any food, water and medication you will need
  5. IO: Have your signed Solemn Declaration EC 10130 with you when working at the polling place and keep it with you all the time
  6. IO: Do not wear political party colours or scented products at the polling place

Set up your station

  1. IO: Arrive at the polling place at the time written at the front of this guidebook
  2. IO: Report to your CPS and get your supplies
  3. IO: If your table is not set up, set it up at the entrance to face electors as they arrive

    Make sure there is enough space for people with reduced mobility (e.g. in a wheelchair)

    Note candidates’ representatives may arrive during set-up

  4. IO: Write your name and “Information Officer” on Election Personnel Identification Card EC 50210 and put it on. Wear it at all times
  5. IO: Organize supplies on your table - What should be on my desk to serve electors?.

    What should be on my desk to serve electors?

    Check that you have everything. Tell the CPS if anything is missing.

    If it is election day, lay out File folders with candidate names on the table.

    These are not the droids
    Text version of "What should be on my desk to serve electors?"

    Note CPS may also give you other supplies

  6. IO: Find where polling stations, washrooms, public telephones and emergency exits are located
  7. IO: Find the designated accessible entrance and check that the automatic door opener works
  8. IO: Do any other tasks assigned by the CPS
  9. IO: Review Have Your ID Ready to Vote EC 90189
  10. IO: At the start of voting hours written at the front of this guidebook, serve electors

If it is election day

  1. IO: Lay out File folders with candidate names on the table, plus one for spares

    If asked:

  2. IO: Every 60 minutes, collect the copies of Sequence Number Sheet EC 50111 from each PC. Leave the original with the PC
  3. IO: Put a copy of each sheet you collect in each folder
  4. IO: Put extras in File folder for spare copies