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Information Officer Guidebook



  • You will close your own station. The CPS will need your help with other tasks too. You might help the CPS:
    • organize uncollected sequence number sheets (at ordinary polls)
    • read feedback forms, and flag anything important to CPS
    • take down posters and signs
    • set up a table for items to return to the office
    • pack unused materials

Closing your station

  1. IO: At the end of voting hours, finish serving electors and close the doors

    Note electors who arrive before the end of voting hours (written at the front of this guidebook) are allowed to vote

    On Friday, Saturday and Sunday of advance polls, leave all supplies on your table

    On the last day of advance polls and on election day, give all your supplies to the CPS

    On election day only, also give the CPS

    • file folders with any remaining copies of Sequence Number Sheet EC 50111 for candidates inside
  2. IO: Do any other tasks assigned by the CPS
  3. IO: Fill out Time sheet for the Election Worker EC 11655 from CPS before you leave

    Note you might be asked to witness the counting of ballots if you are working on election day

    Repeat these steps each day of advance polls