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Registration Officer Guidebook

Getting ready

This section tells you how to get ready before voting days and when you arrive at the voting place.


  • Notes have been added throughout the book to provide further context to instructions. If you need, feel free to add your own, as well
  • Polling places may be hot or cold, be prepared for both
  • You will set up your own station. The CPS will need your help to get the polling place ready too. You might help the CPS:
    • set up the tables and chairs and organize the room
    • put up posters and signs
    • do site checklists

Get ready the night before

  1. Reg.O: If you are unable to work, call the office
  2. Reg.O: Check that you know where the polling place is located
  3. Reg.O: Review the following:
    • EC 20045 Guidelines for Candidates' Representatives
    • EC 90189 Have Your ID Ready to Vote
  4. Reg.O: Prepare any food, water and medication you will need
  5. Reg.O: Have your signed Solemn Declaration EC 10130 with you when working at the polling place and keep it with you all the time
  6. Reg.O: Do not wear political party colours or scented products at the polling place

Set up your station

  1. Reg.O: Arrive at the polling place at the time written at the front of this guidebook
  2. Reg.O: Report to your CPS and get your supplies
  3. Reg.O: If your table is not set up, set it up in a central area to face electors as they arrive
    Make sure there is enough space for people with reduced mobility

    Note candidates' representatives may arrive during set-up

  4. Reg.O: Make a waiting line on the floor using the Floor Marking Strip EC 50163-1, 1 metre away from the front of your table
  5. Reg.O: Organize your supplies on your table
    Tell the CPS if anything is missing
  6. Reg.O: Post Voter Registration Desk poster EC 50155 in a visible area on your desk or on the wall
  7. Reg.O: Write your name and « Registration Officer » on Election Personnel Identification Card EC 50210 and put it on. Wear it at all times
  8. Reg.O: Find where polling stations are located
  9. Reg.O: Do any other tasks assigned by the CPS
  10. Reg.O: Review
    • EC 20045 Guidelines for Candidates' Representatives
    • EC 90189 Have Your ID Ready to Vote
  11. Reg.O: At the start of voting hours written at the front of this guidebook, serve electors

Reg.O: What should be on my desk to serve electors?