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Elections Canada offers a variety of unique opportunities to participate in the federal election process. Find the one for you!

Current job opportunities

  • Returning Officers

    Returning officers are responsible for elections in a given riding. Activities include election planning, managing budgets and resources, and communicating with the public and stakeholders.

    Duration: 10-year mandate

    Hours: Variable

    Where: Across Canada
    (depending on openings)

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  • Elections Canada Staff at our Headquarters

    We are hiring additional personnel as we prepare for the next general election. Available positions include administrative and clerical agents, call centre agents, program administrators and information officers.

    Duration: 4 to 12 months

    Hours: 7.5 hours a day

    Where: Gatineau, QC or Ottawa, ON

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  • Poll Workers

    Poll workers make it possible for electors to vote on election and advanced poll days. Available positions include deputy returning officers, registration officers, information officers, and central poll supervisors.

    Duration: 1 to 4 days

    Hours: 12-14 hours a day

    Where: Across Canada

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  • Staff at Returning Officers' Offices

    Administrative staff provides assistance to returning officers and ensure that elections will be conducted smoothly.

    Duration: 36 to 50 days before an election

    Hours: 7.5 to 10 hours a day

    Where: Across Canada

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Upcoming job opportunities

  • Field Liaison Officers

    Field liaison officers (FLOs) are responsible for supporting Elections Canada and the returning officers (ROs) of their region. Their activities include advising, coordinating regional activities and recruiting ROs.

    Duration: For a period determined by the Chief Electoral Officer

    Hours: Variable

    Where: Across Canada

    More info and to apply

Donít miss your chance to work while making a valuable contribution to Canadaís democracy.

Please keep in mind that obtaining a position as a returning officer, as a member of his or her staff, or as a field liaison officer does not constitute employment with Elections Canada or with the Public Service.