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Contestant’s Weekly Leadership Campaign Returns

New rules for contestants for the leadership of a registered political party came into effect on January 1, 2004. The rules are part of important changes to the Canada Elections Act made by Parliament in June 2003.

The most significant changes affecting leadership contestants concern registration, contributions, financial reports and public disclosure of information. Additional information on new rules governing leadership contestants is available in the backgrounder entitled Registration and Political Financing of Leadership Contestants – New Rules on January 1, 2004.

A leadership contestant must report to the Chief Electoral Officer all contributions that he or she receives for the campaign.

The first weekly report covers the period beginning on the first day of the leadership contest and ending on the day that is four weeks before the end of the contest. After that, a weekly report is required for each of the next three weeks. The contestant must provide each return no later than one week after the period to which it relates.

The Chief Electoral Officer is required under the Canada Elections Act to publish information concerning these contributions.

We have taken great care to transcribe the data accurately. However, if an error is reported, we will correct it when we next update the files.

Report Leadership Contestant
James R. Harris Tom Manley
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