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The 2019 federal election by the numbers

27.3 million    Registered electors
18,350,359* Canadians voted
4,879,312*  Voted at advance polls
110,000* Voted on campus
34,144* Voted by mail from abroad
232,000* Election workers
338 Electoral districts
503 Local Elections Canada offices
20,000  Polling places
12 Hours to vote at a polling station at advance polls and on election day
2.1 million km2 Canada's largest electoral district (Nunavut)
6 km2  Canada's smallest electoral district (Toronto–Centre)
81,065 Average number of electors per electoral district
90 Truckloads of election materials sent across Canada
400,000 Kits assembled for election workers
105,140 Ballot boxes
30,000 Parcels sent by courier
257,000 Voting pencils (that's about 45 km of pencils laid end to end)
35,000,000 Ballots printed
240,000 Voting signs for polling places (that's approximately 10 signs per polling place)
475,000 Guidebooks used by polling place workers