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Voter identification during the 2015 general election

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93% of electors showed a driver's licence or another single piece of ID featuring their name, address and photo

3% of electors showed a document proving their identity and another proving their address

Less than 1% showed two documents with their name and had a neighbour with ID attest to their address

172,000 electors could not exercise their right to vote because they did not have accepted proof of identity and/or address

Of these electors, about 50,000 went to their polling place but were turned away for lack of ID

Source: Survey of Electors folowing the 42nd General Election, 2016, Turnout and Reasons for Not Voting During the 42nd General Election: Results from the Labour Forces Survey, 2016. Follow us on TwitterFollow us on FacebookFollow us on YouTubeFollow us on LinkdenFollow us on Instegram