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Media at polling places

  • Only voters, election officers, candidates, candidates' representatives observing the voting process, and other observers authorized by the Chief Electoral Officer may enter the room where voting is taking place, as per the Canada Elections Act.
  • If space allows, media may shoot photos or video footage from the door of the room, as long as they do not impede voters or compromise the secrecy of the vote.
    • For example, if voting is taking place inside a school gym, media may stand to the side in the hall and shoot through the gym's doorway.
  • Candidates' personal photographers are not authorized to be in the room. They may capture images from the door along with other media.
  • After the polls close, media must leave the polling place. They may not be present for the count.
  • Some larger polling places provide easier access for media. Media are invited to contact Media Relations in advance ( to find the best locations and to make arrangements.

Party leaders and competing candidates

Media who wish to participate in a photo opportunity with the leaders of registered political parties (or candidates competing in the same electoral district as the leaders) may apply for advance authorization to host a pool or to access images from a pool. An authorized pool is allowed to briefly enter the voting room to capture images. Media must apply at least 10 days before election day. This date may be adjusted if the leader (or a competing candidate) takes advantage of an earlier voting opportunity. Note that limited space in some polling places may restrict the number of participants that can be accommodated in a media pool.

Request for pool