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Chief Electoral Officer's Report on Recommended Changes to the Canada Elections Act Tabled in Parliament

News Release

Gatineau, Tuesday, June 7, 2022

  • Earlier today, the Speaker of the House of Commons tabled Chief Electoral Officer Stéphane Perrault's Recommendations Report following the October 21, 2019, and September 20, 2021, general elections.
  • The report, Meeting New Challenges: Recommendations from the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada following the 43rd and 44th General Elections, proposes a number of recommendations aimed at building and sustaining a secure and modern electoral framework.
  • The Canada Elections Act provides that, after a general election, the Chief Electoral Officer shall propose amendments to the Act designed to improve the administration of federal elections.
  • The report is in two parts. The first part addresses a range of issues that relate to the regulation of electoral communications in the digital age. The second part deals with a range of topics related to the administration of the election and services to electors and candidates. Together, the recommendations seek to make the electoral process more transparent, more resilient, and more accessible to all electors and candidates.
This report is the beginning of an important conversation with parliamentarians and Canadians on ways to improve out electoral process. It is a critical exercise that we must periodically undertake to ensure the vitality of our democracy in the face of evolving circumstances, challenges and aspirations. – Stéphane Perrault, Chief Electoral Officer

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